First time to Vienna

In the past 37 years I have made mental notes and Pinterest boards of cities and places I wanted to visit. Austria has been on that list for some years but we just recently were presented with a perfect opportunity to visit.  A special convention for Jehovah’s Witnesses! 

This means that we were assisted in arranging tours of the city along with volunteer English-speaking guides who are a part of our worldwide congregations. 

It seemed that no matter where you walked in the city, you found charm, beautiful architecture and friendly people with their doggie companions. 

Free water fountains around the city!

One thing I LOVED about Austria was that the tap water was perfectly clean and tasty everywhere. 

One example of the Tetragrammaton, the Hebrew form of Jehovah, on a local statue.

Horses and carriages were also a common sight in the city

Futterbotten restaurant – so much charm
Zum blauen esel restaurant. Great food and great local experience.

There were endless cafes and weather perfected suited for a shady outdoor table. No bugs! And the waiters were always willing to speak English for us unilingual Americans. 

We really loved the people from the start. They were truly hospitable, patient and adaptable. They were what made our stay in Vienna most memorable. 


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