New York, New York 

A little less than two years ago was the last time I had visited New York. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, my husband volunteered his time and skills to work on a large building project in upstate New York various times over the past few years. Last week we returned to New York primarily to tour the completed facility, including its free exhibits of bible history, the history of God’s name, Jehovah, and the more modern-day history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

The grounds were beautiful, the people were incredibly welcoming and helpful and the cleanliness of the facility was a nice change from so much of New York City, where we had been. The way efforts have been made there to preserve and protect wildlife as well as the forest was also a heartwarming reminder of how much these people appreciate God’s creation. And although I had read about how they were given 4 out of 4 awards by GBI for the eco-friendly design, seeing it in person was especially impressive.  More information is available on

We visited the small town of Warwick, including a nearby creamery for fresh made ice cream. It was delicious!

The following day we did a tour at the MET museum. It followed how artifacts and Greek and Roman history ties into the Bible and also how it has influenced or led to religious traditions. 

It is such a beautiful and well maintained building. And we were able to get hots dogs and lamb gyros at food trucks right outside for lunch before the tour! 

Then we headed down to Chinatown and Little Italy for some quick shopping and authentic Italian food. We found both!

At the corner of Canal St, which is the artery of Chinatown and Mulberry St, the artery of Little Italy, we found scarves at 6 for $25 and t-shirts for $15 and under. 

On the same block we found “Luna” Italian restaurant. We have been there on various visits to the city over the past two decades. It has even changed locations on the same street. But it carries that “real Italian”, “hole in the wall”, unpretentious vibe. Most importantly, the food is delicious and the service is good!  We also stopped at a corner bakery for take-away cheesecake and canoli. 

Finally, we headed to Times Square. In our group of 4, one who had been to NY on several occasions had somehow never seen Times Square! It was CROWDED! But the 15 minute walk from there to our apartment was pleasant and safe. And it was also much needed after all the pasta and bread!

This city truly never sleeps! We woke this morning and left our apartment at 4 am to catch our flight home. I was amazed at the people in the lobby walking by seeming completely alert and surprisingly sober. The ride to the airport was peaceful and smooth. But this Georgia girl is ready for sleep now! 


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