Georgia to Oregon

A little more than twenty four hours ago I booked a ticket from Albany, GA to Portland, OR. So at 4:30 am my alarm went off and about twelve hours later I hopped into the same Honda Accord that I helped my sister drive across the country a few years ago. 

This time we are driving back across the country for her move from Olympia, WA to Blythewood, SC. Last time we drove cross country in the warmth and brightness of summertime, gaining hours as we drove west into the slowly setting sun. But this time it’s winter, the light escapes more quickly and we are willfully robbed of 3 hours along the eastward journey. 

So today we drove south to Ashland, OR and will be driving south through California tomorrow. Traveling from the top to bottom of Oregon today, I’m still enraptured by the beauty of the towering firs and the sunset over mountains that never seem to end. I am thankful to have had a good excuse to visit this part of the country more than once. It is a special beauty. 


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