Goodbye California, Hello Arizona!

The departure from California took longer and entailed much more variety than I had anticipated. Starbucks in tow, we hit the palm tree lined roads of Fresno expecting mostly flat desert stretches on our way to Sedona. ​
We were pleasantly surprised with mountains, snow and plenty gas stations fully functioning on New Year’s Day. 

In Arizona, the landscape dried and the shapes of the mountains gradually transformed into the famous red rock. 

We entered Flagstaff after dark and were met with snow showers, thick traffic and a rapid decent into Sedona.  As I drove, my sister tells me I’m doing great. I didn’t fully appreciate the confidence she had in my driving until she decided to watch videos about potential couches she can purchase while I navigated those driving conditions. Did I mention I’m from Georgia…?  I don’t drive in snow. Actually, I don’t even like to drive in the dark. But I do like to drink wine. Especially after long, stressful drives through unfamiliar mountain territory in the dark. She had wine. We all went to bed happy. 

In the morning we stopped at Bell Rock and went into Sedona’s downtown area for shopping and breakfast at a wonderful Creekside Cafe. 

As we drove north on the highway towards I-40, the landscape changed from valley to forests lined with rushing creeks and waterfalls until we climbed to the higher elevation, blanketed in snow. 

Now as we head into New Mexico, it’s truly amazing to see how much the weather and land can change. You simply cannot capture it in words or pictures. But it’s hard to resist the effort. Til Texas…


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