Ashland to Fresno

The morning of New Year’s Eve we woke up to snow-capped views and temperatures worthy of our blanket scarves. We took a walk downtown, picking up coffee strong enough to keep us going for the winding drive ahead. 

As it turns out, the “5” had more rest stops than desirable dining options so we powered through, stopping only to use the bathroom and walk the dogs until we reached Old Sacramento. 

Since it was 2:00 pm, the dining options here were also a little skim. However, my sister and I did manage to sniff out a wine tasting room. 

The wine wasn’t particularly great or terrible. But the dogs were welcomed and it was a nice change of pace along with a walk around the town. We ended up with takeout Mexican food and a memorable parking garage dining experience. 

We were back on the road with Fresno as our final destination. We stopped at a Trader Joe’s in Modesto and settled into our Homewood Suites in Fresno by 7:30. As the New Year began in NYC and my home state of Georgia, we sat around the tv as 9:00 pm approached, feeling lost and confused from the three hour time difference and rumors of Mariah Carey’s lip sync fail performance. Thank goodness for Google! 

Also, how do people cope with living three hours behind NYC every single day!?! We will work on solving that problem for ourselves as we cross into Arizona New Year’s Day. 


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